Computer Use For A Sharper Brain

A Christmas Poem

I have a really praiseworthy story of how God works in mysterious ways. I’m still in awe. I was wondering over the weekend what to write in this section that would be meaningful for the holiday season. So, I get a text from a caregiver on Sunday afternoon asking me to bring some timesheets to […]

Alzheimer’s Care Aurora IL: Exercise Class Helps Patients and Caregivers

Early diagnosis means that people are functioning longer with the disease, increasing the need for activities to promote general health.

Alzheimer’s Care Aurora IL: The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s Patients

If you are at risk due to family history, consider making this dietary change as well for prevention. If your loved one is in assisted living, the doctor may be willing to prescribe coconut oil and/or MCT oil to be given at each meal, increasing gradually.

Alzheimer’s Care Aurora, IL: Alzheimers and Seperation Anxiety

When I visit my Alzheimer’s-suffering wife at the nursing home, she gets very upset as I leave; Is there anything I can do?