Elder Care in Naperville, IL: Preparation for Spring Allergies

For many, spring represents the budding of flowers and longer days filled with warm sunshine. But for one in five people, spring also means allergies are in full scope. Seasonal allergies, also termed allergic rhinitis, cause cold-like characteristics and symptoms which include itchiness in the nose, roof of the mouth, throat, eyes and ears, along […]

The Fees and Accessibility of Elder Care Services in Naperville, IL

The number 1 purpose of nearly all families is to aid their family members stay in their own home in a comfortable and well-known surrounding for as long as possible. No one’s favorite option is to go to a facility or an institution in spite of how beautiful the building or the decorations. For a senior […]

Elder Care Naperville, IL: Our Parents Are Aging: How Can We Tell if They Need Help?

Adult children get busy with their own lives, and many live quite a distance from their aging parents.

Elder Care Naperville, IL: 12 Fun Ways Seniors Can Get in Shape

Take up tango. Hit the bowling lanes. There are plenty of great low-impact exercises for seniors — and the options on this list are fun, too.

Elder Care Naperville, IL: Balancing a Loved One’s Needs With Your Own

When you’re a caregiver, finding time to take care of your own health can be challenging — but doing so will help both you and your loved one.

Elder Care Naperville, IL: The Importance of Taking Medications Correctly

Additionally, caregivers can employ more advanced tools such as pill cutters to make sure that the medicine is easier to swallow, as well as electronic tracking systems to help in reminding the patient of the right time to take the pill. In the same way, assisted living is also a viable option for patients who may need more constant and consistent care in order to avoid future complications.

Home Care Naperville, IL: Signs that Your Aging Family Member Should No Longer Be Living Alone

As your aging loved one moves through life, there are a number of challenges which often accompany the journey. Often, their family lives a long distance away or simply fails to notice gradual changes which creep in over time. Some changes are normal and healthy, while others could be warning signs which need to be addressed. They could require some simple adjustments, or they could indicate a need for an in-home caregiver. Let us take a look at some of the more common signs.

Home Care Naperville, IL: Campaign Launched to Ensure Care for the Elderly

Campaign Launched to Ensure Care for the Elderly 17 July 2011 WASHINGTON – Unions and their allies in civil rights, womens’ rights, community and faith groups have launched a new national campaign to recruit millions of new givers of eldercare, improve and enhance those workers’ rights and ensure needed care for the coming millions of […]

July Is Sandwich Generation Month-Who’s Caring for the Caregiver in Aurora, IL?

The last time you were on an airplane, the flight attendant showed you the oxygen masks that are available in case of an emergency. Remember the advice? “If you’re sitting next to a young child, take the mask for yourself first, next help the child!” The attendant didn’t want you to make the same mistake […]

Caregivers Naperville, IL: Keeping Seniors Safe in the Summer Heat.

Excessive heat in the summer time is difficult for everyone especially the elderly. Senior care is important especially when the elderly are more prone to suffering from heat over exposure. The best way to keep the seniors safe is to monitor them and keep them cool and hydrated. Keeping Seniors Safe in the Summer Heat […]