Home Care in Naperville, IL Helps Seniors Remember to Take Their Medications

As people grow older, their bodies start to develop complications. For the majority of these complications, there is a medication that will either fix the problems or at least alleviate the symptoms. If you look in the medicine cabinet of a 30 year old person, it may contain a couple of over the counter medications […]

Home Care in Naperville, IL: Easy Craft Ideas to Share with Homebound Seniors

One of the biggest day-to-day problems with care for homebound seniors is the sheer boredom that sets in over time. While there are things that can help fill the time, such as reading new books, doing puzzles, playing games and watching a little bit of television, home care companions can also do easy crafts with […]

Home Care Naperville IL: Video- Should Your Aging Relative Live Alone?

Home Care Naperville IL: Video- Should Your Aging Relative Live Alone?

Video: The Cost of Home Care in Naperville, Oswego, and Aurora IL

Video: The Cost of Home Care in Naperville, Oswego, and Aurora IL

Home Care is a Great Choice in Naperville, IL

Perhaps one of the best features of elder care is that your parents will have some camaraderie during the day when you can’t be there. Your aging parents may be getting lonely, and you may be feeling troubled because you can’t spend the amount of time with your parents that you hope you could. You can stop being guilty that you aren’t with your parents and start feeling nice about recognizing someone is with your parents who takes care.

Home Care Naperville, IL: Helping Seniors Stay at Home

Most seniors would prefer to live at home rather than in a nursing facility.

Home Care Naperville, IL: Signs that Your Aging Family Member Should No Longer Be Living Alone

As your aging loved one moves through life, there are a number of challenges which often accompany the journey. Often, their family lives a long distance away or simply fails to notice gradual changes which creep in over time. Some changes are normal and healthy, while others could be warning signs which need to be addressed. They could require some simple adjustments, or they could indicate a need for an in-home caregiver. Let us take a look at some of the more common signs.

Home Care Naperville, IL: Campaign Launched to Ensure Care for the Elderly

Campaign Launched to Ensure Care for the Elderly 17 July 2011 WASHINGTON – Unions and their allies in civil rights, womens’ rights, community and faith groups have launched a new national campaign to recruit millions of new givers of eldercare, improve and enhance those workers’ rights and ensure needed care for the coming millions of […]

Caregivers Naperville, IL: Keeping Seniors Safe in the Summer Heat.

Excessive heat in the summer time is difficult for everyone especially the elderly. Senior care is important especially when the elderly are more prone to suffering from heat over exposure. The best way to keep the seniors safe is to monitor them and keep them cool and hydrated. Keeping Seniors Safe in the Summer Heat […]

Caregivers Oswego, IL: Understanding Osteoporosis

Experts say that by 2025, each year osteoporosis will cause around three million fractures, and the related cost will skyrocket to over 25 billion dollars. Osteoporosis can occur when hormonal changes take place, or when you do not have enough vitamin D or calcium in your system. These changes or deficiencies in senior health can […]