Home Care in Aurora, IL: Senior Care Can Beat Caregiver Stress

A person who volunteers to be the live-in care provider for a family member runs the risk of encountering severe stress or burnout. Assuming the responsibility of providing elder care for a person who, due to physical or mental deterioration, can no longer live independently is very noble and can enrich the lives of both people involved; if respite care is not set in place, however, the living situation can become seemingly impossible.

Setting Up a Plan for Home Care in Naperville, IL

A plan of care helps caregivers manage the day-today activities of the person in their care–medications, appointments, exercise, etc. This type of written record is also very helpful when respite (relief) care is used.

Home Care in Oswego, IL: Winter Weather and the Elderly

Winter is a wonderful time of year but it is essential to keep in mind that this season is particularly hazardous to senior safety.