Your Aging Parents – What Elder Care Service in Naperville, IL is Best for their needs?

There comes a time when we have to accept that as we are aging, as too are our parents. What becomes difficult to cope with is when we begin to notice that our parents’ physical or mental well-being is deteriorating. As caring children, we must begin to assess elder care options for our parents and decide what the best next step is to ensure our parents’ needs are met.

The ABC Way to Understand Alzheimer’s Behavior in Oswego, IL

A person with Alzheimer’s disease may sometimes act in ways that are upsetting or seem aggressive. He or she may hit, scratch, or fight with the caregiver. This does not always happen. But if it does, it is likely to be when the person is in the middle stage of Alzheimer’s disease. This stage can last for up to four years.