9 Strategies to Help a Parent Who Refuses Care What can you do when your mom or dad won’t accept needed assistance?

We have found the indirect approach as Elizabeth puts it works really well to get help at home. Your mother resists in-home helpers, insisting you can wait on her. Your frail father won’t stop driving. Your aunt denies the need for a personal care aide, in spite of her unwashed hair and soiled clothes. Your […]

Sniff Out Dementia with Scent Test ?

Its great that they are discovering more ways to detect dementia which we will all benefit from.  Remember to take your coconut oil and other nutrients if you think your sense of smell is fading. Sniff out dementia with this simple 12-second scent test   by Jack Harrison, Daily Dose, 12/5/15 You’d like to keep […]

Good Idea: Smart911.com

I believe that everybody should have a Smart911.com safety profile for their home. Especially Seniors who live alone. Smart911 replaces the Vial of Life that has been around for many years. The vial of life is a brief information sheet including current medications, allergies, doctor’s names next of kin etc. which is put in a […]

Senior Care in Aurora, IL: World Heart Day Sept 29, 2012Teaches Us to Be Aware of Stroke and Heart Disease

The risk of developing heart disease or stroke is higher for individuals suffering from an unhealthy weight, harmful diet and a lack of physical activity. It also increases for tobacco users and those with high stress levels. Heart attacks do not always happen suddenly and may take some time for pain and discomfort to be […]

Senior Care in Aurora, IL: Honor Our Veterans and Keep in Mind Those We Have Lost on Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called “Decoration Day”, is a day of remembrance for people who have perished in our nation’s service. There are many stories as to its actual early stages, with over two dozen metropolitan areas and towns laying claim to being the origin of Memorial Day. There is also proof that organized women’s groups […]